Hello and Welcome!

My name is Ashley Kappos and I am the proud owner and head coach here at Goderich Gymnastics.

My love of gymnastics started at a very young age, when my parents decide to enroll my sister and I in a gymnastics class… probably just with the intention for us to burn some energy. I remember wishing that every morning I woke up it would be gymnastics day. I loved my coach, my teammates, and just how much fun it was. Gymnastics came very natural to me and I quickly advanced and started competing. Fast forward years later, I met my husband and together we had 2 girls. When my oldest was two, the thought of putting her in gymnastics entered my head all the time. Since we were now living in Goderich, I quickly realized that there were no gymnastic programs around here, and thus the idea for Goderich Gymnastics was born. I decided to quit my job, go back and get my certifications. I’m sure my husband thought I was crazy, but here we are! I am NCCP trained and the proud owner of Goderich Gymnastics. My goal is to give all children that join us a sense of belonging, enjoyment, and the basic fundamental movement skills that will help carry them through all the physical activities that life throws at them! A dream of mine has officially been realized and I am so grateful for the opportunity for all of you to be involved.